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Geist x Revenant: Kusozako Mob na Ore wa, Aibou no Seirei o Bishoujo ni Shinka Sasete Saikyou ni!
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Geist X Revenant: I, a Trash Mob, Evolved My Geist Partner Into a Beautiful Girl and Made Her the Strongest! Manga Summary

“I’ll turn the tables on the main character!” Yohei Mochizuki, a new student at a [geist] user school, was bullied by his classmates because his geist partner, a [Goblin] by the name of Gobubi, was weak and ugly. However, one day he discovered a “wiki” and realized that he was living inside a game world, and his situation changed for the better! “No more tears. Let’s take revenge on the main character together.” Yohei took full advantage of knowledge about the game to evolve Gobubi into the strongest natural beauty! With this, he can look back at his classmates and stand next to the senpai of his dreams! But just as he was finally able to obtain happiness, but then I was suddenly challenged to subjugate a domain boss by a beautiful foreign exchange student…are these problems that happen as you get stronger? This is the fairy tale story of a boy who resists fate as the game’s loser character and the weakest [Goblin], who together, aim to become the strongest!