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Undead King ~Teihen Bouken-sha, Mamono no Chikara de Shinka Musou~
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Undead King ~A Low-Ranking Adventurer, With the Power of Monsters, Becomes Unbeatable~ Manhwa Summary

Skills – a power humans can only receive once from god, used to fight against monsters.
Chrome, who aspires to be an adventurer while owning a useless skill in combat, is unable to throw away his ambition and is despised for his inability, so he is left in charge of menial tasks and chores for his career.
But, when he is running away from a monster as a decoy, he loses his life. But at that time, his skill activates—the skill (Revival). For one time only, he can return from the dead, and Chrome miraculously revives as a Skeleton monster, a “Wight”.
Chrome, who despairs at his new body, finds out that as monsters evolve, their appearance changes in accordance, so he decides to evolve as fast as possible. Believing he can regain his human appearance, Chrome spends his days hunting monsters. Chrome gains many skills as a by-product, whereas a human can only ever hold one––!
Powerful monster abilities and the intelligence of a human. Overcoming adversity with chance, Chrome aims to be the strongest adventurer!